Cancer Detection by Diana Kanecki

Senin, 28 Januari 2013

Cancer MRI Medical Image Analysis and Detection System (MIAS) by Diana Kanecki

This application will read a MRI scan to locate cancer and perform a detailed quantitative analysis for follow-up and treatment. This program works with images from major MRI manufacturers as GE, Hitachi, Siemens et al.
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Carbon Jet IP- Material morphing of engine designs with Ti, Ni, Al, mixed using carbon to optimize performance by Diana Kanecki

Are you interested in a better way to improve your jet engine product? What if you could utilize new development without having to go through the discovery phase? Our manufacturing package contains r/d notes and applied solutions for aerospace companies.
The solutions and method aid jet engine development for commercial and advanced jet engine development. For example, we provide manufacturing metholody solution for optimizing engine operations in high stress environments. The solutions are developed for engines with titanium, nickel, aluminum components as well as mixed material components using the previous named elements.
current r/d notebook, applied examples using currrnt high performance jet engines designs, solutions made by development group of 2 with over 100 years expertise.
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DiaCoat (Medical Equipment Coating for Better Performance) by Diana Kanecki

A product fabrication process that allows for better operating and protection of medical equipment. This coating protects, enhances, and can be removed as needed.
The process is turn-key development that can be added to your manufacturing process. The benefit is that your company obtains a new feature that increases customer satisfaction. In addition, the process can be used on new and existing products. Finally, there is a one-time license fee. More ....

Selasa, 08 Januari 2013

ISIM - Production Planning SDK - Optimize, Increase ROI, Save, Improve by Diana Kanecki

Increase production with better ROI and a happier work environment for all. This package was used to develop- the production process for the early stages of the catalytic converter. My dad's original vision was to develop a method whereby great things can be done by all and everybody is rewarded along with reduced work stress / better work environment / easier work environment. It works, and the mass production of the catalytic converter became a reality.

Predictive Analytics / Cognitive Resource Planning / Intelligent, Thinking Systems SDK by Diana Kanecki

Are you interested in a package where you can use profile information to predict and develop strategy; are you interested in a package where you can develop a profile on an individual or group, and use it to plan the strategy and tactics for your business? Here is it is. All turn-key or if you wish, you may customize the modules and source into your existing systems. It is perfect for strategic planning and predicting what your customers want.

Analog / Digital Neural Network Teacher / SolverIntellectual Property Licensing by Diana Kanecki
1.    Title: Analog / Digital Neural Network Teacher / Solver
2.    Purpose:  To teach and learn a neural network setup that is based on an analog or digital perceptron approach.
3.    Implementation: Implemented in Delphi, Turbo Pascal 5.5, Free Pascal
4. Licensing Summary (Please read description for details)
5. Purchase indicates acceptance, approval, and agreement of the non disclosure (Part V) and royalty license of this agreement (Part VI).


Ultra High Precision Computation Module / Kbasic 6
Intellectual Property Licensing
1.    Title: Ultra High Precision Computation Module / Kbasic 6
2.    Purpose: TO compute using 64K bit integers for high performance computing or high level computing applications
3.    Implementation: Implemented in Delphi, Turbo Pascal 5.5, Free Pascal

4. Licensing Summary (Please read description for details)
5. Purchase indicates acceptance, approval, and agreement of the non disclosure (Part V) and royalty license of this agreement (Part VI).

Kryptonite Mobile SDK For Android and other smart phone- Send/Receive Encrypted Messages by Diana Kanecki

This application allows you to have information secure in your smart phone applications. The intellectual property module is written in Java ME. In addition, the encryption algorithm has been tested by the NSA, and one of the few outside agency algorithms tested.

Ultimate Encryption by Diana Kanecki

The Ultimate Encryption SDK includes the source code written for use with Delphi, Free Pascal, and others. This license is a non-inclusive/non-territorial license. The Ultimate Encryption defeats various forms of decryption. For example, if an laptop or other secure data device was taken, the information is still secure using Ultimate Encryption.

Computer Aided Diagnosis SDK for Cancer Detection in MRI by Diana Kanecki
This intellectual property (IP) contains modules, applications, and source code for computer aided diagnosis of cancer in the cranial area. The modules can read and interpret MRI from different medical manufacturers iincluding, but not limited to GE, Hitachi, and others. The SDK modules provide results in less than 60 seconds for each MRI image and can analysis a set of images to give an overall result. The validation of the modules are evaluated in a research study at a major US hospital in the midwest. The accuracy of the modules was 95% and the false positive rate was 3%. Your organization can use the modules as developed or add-on to existing medical applications. The modules do not directly link to MRI devices, and all all analysis is perform at a separate computer station with no direct connection to the MRI device.

Would you prefer a better approach to analyze your business data and predict future customer behavior? Or, would you prefer to optimize your manufacturing operations using the current infrastructure and supply chain, and get better return on investment? We have turn-key applications to move forward.
by Diana Kanecki Inc.

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